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Catering To Your Gardening Passion In Flats

Modern age is the age of urbanization. Everyone is moving from rural countryside to urban settlements for better facilities and opportunities. This has led to decrease in the space and the scarcity of land in the cities. Thus, the town planers are increasing the height of the buildings to accommodate more and more people in a given space. It has made many nature lovers bury their passions due to lack of space. If you are one such enthusiast who has to give up his passion for gardening then you can live up to your passion with flower tower planter.

flower tower

What is this arrangement?

This is a vertical pot where you can arrange up to 30 plants in one single container. The container contains many holes in the vertical tube which provides sunlight to every plant. It contains internal watering system which provides water to every plant with the help of tube. The tube contains graduated holes which provide water to every plant in the container. This arrangement is best suited for those people who are residing in the multi storied buildings and have a balcony as open space and yet want to follow their passion of gardening.

What to grow in the flower planter?

This tower is best suited to grow the perennial flowering plants. This tower is also best suited to grow seasonal flowering plants which have a shelf life of few months. Thus, you can keep on changing the flowering plants as per the season and give your balcony or patio a new look.  You can grow plants which require little sunlight in the interior of your house also.


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